4 Local SEO Pages



→ 400 words of Unique content combining the keyword of Location + Service (e.g. “Springfield” + “web design”)
→ Google Map of Location
→ Optimised for Keyword (Location + Service)

    • 100 $(4 pages x $25 per page)
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What are Local SEO Pages?

Local SEO Pages are ideal for businesses that provide a “Local Service”. To rank for a particular service in a particular location, you need to be sure that Google understands that you are providing a service for that area. Remember, Google is just a robot, therefore you need to be very specific about what you provide a service for and in what area.

For instance, if someone was searching for an electrician in Ipswich then they would probably type one of 2 things into Google:

• “Ipswich Electrician”
• “Electrician Ipswich”
or slight variations of the above

Now, Google will then search pages that have the above combinations (Service + Location) embedded in the pages on websites. They specifically look for certain things on a page which tell it what the page is about.

These “things” comprise of, but not limited to:
• The URL of the Page
• The Title of the Page
• Headings within a page
• ALT tags within images of the page
• Google Map Location of a page
• Keywords within a page

MIwebdesigns creates “Local SEO Pages” that are designed specifically with these characteristics within a page.

For an example please visit a couple of Local SEO pages we have for our business:
https://www.miwebdesigns.com/web-design/springfield-qld-4300/ (Ranked #1 in Google)
https://www.miwebdesigns.com/web-design/forest-lake-qld-4078/ (Ranked #1 in Google)